Coming Along Nicely

Hello again everyone. Just letting you all know that everything is coming along nicely with the radio stations website. The only things left to do is decide on the social aspects like chat feature, profiles for members and if a discussion forum would be cool to have as well. CINZ now has its own profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Please do check those out hit that follow – like – subscribe buttons. Something simple as that helps out a lot more than you know and is very much appreciated. The plan is to keep the information about the station on here as much as possible. However, it is nice to have an outside means to source information to.

If things keep going smoothly we should be doing our first live broadcast as early as next week. Pretty decent considering it isn’t even one week old (as I type this).

Until next time,. have fun filled nights and delightful days. As always with The Sweet Sounds of CINZ. XxX

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