We’re On Air!

Hello again all. Another state of the station update. We are on the air. Our regular rotation set has been broadcasting for a couple weeks now, and everything seems to be going great. The stream has been tested on various devices and browsers and have not experienced any glitches at all. The website is done, and our schedule is up …

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Coming Along Nicely

Hello again everyone. Just letting you all know that everything is coming along nicely with the radio stations website. The only things left to do is decide on the social aspects like chat feature, profiles for members and if a discussion forum would be cool to have as well. CINZ now has its own profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. …

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Hello CINZ’ers!

Hope this, the first blog of the radio station, finds you well. Yes, the website is currently under construction. But in reality when is a site not being worked on in some capacity. So far everything seems to be setup. Just going through some checks, testing things out and all that. Making sure it is as secure as possible so …

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