About Us

Brief History

Well, as this is a brand new station the history so far is very brief indeed. The very first on air web cast was on September 15th, 2003 under the name Disco-Rocker. Shortly after that the name became HotRox 69. This name stuck for a 6 month run, in which we had quite a few evening and week-end broadcasts. However the host we were with at the time was having outrageous outages, not allowing certain things, ect… then without warning shut down. So the station went on a hiatus for a couple months, but the urge to get back was just too powerful. And back we are again … this time with a vengeance. November 10th, 2004 we arrived once again with a whole new web presence, and another name change. Radio XTC was that name, but in 2009 yet another name change was needed along with a new more positive direction. We became Pride FM, bigger and better than before. However we ended up loosing the domain for that one without warning and no way to get possession of it again. So in March 2024 the decision to rebrand happened, and here we are now with CINZ Radio. And that’s the brief history/summary of the station as it is so far. But history is being made all the time, so more shall be appearing here as time goes on.

Station Purpose

The purpose of this radio station is to break the norms set forth by “commercial” radio stations, as well as the usual ties that happen with “alternative” or “underground” radio stations. What this means is that it is a station for total freedom, no formats to follow, commercials – only if the product and company is cool, and with a mixture of the best of the best audio out there (both commercial, alternative and underground.) All on one station you ask … isn’t that weird? Yes, it probably is and I myself have never heard it done before so why not do it. A musical mosaic, bringing pure listening ecstasy to you our audience, that’s the stations purpose.

Want to be featured here?

If you are a musician just starting out and want some free exposure of your music, a well established artist that wants to support this station by donating a song or two to play, or a company that wants to be advertised on here please do sent an email to this station and we will see about getting you on here as soon as possible … and maybe the same night it’s submitted. Cost to you … nothing. Free advertising and exposure … you can’t beat that deal. Submissions will be quickly and carefully reviewed and you’ll know very shortly the outcome. Just go to the contact us section and get on the air today. This free offer is for a limited time only.

  • https://stream.zeno.fm/6cyjqwlkz4ptv?nocache=1
  • https://cinz.net
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