Just The FAQs

You can listen to CINZ right on this site using the player at the bottom. Simplyu press the center CINZ logo in the circle and the styream will start playing. There is volume to the left of the logo if you need to adjust it. Alternatlvley you can listen on our Zeno page. We arew working to get on other radio directroy sites.

Send us your details, musician or band name and contact information and we will get back to you with where to sent the track. Track must be in the mp3 format.

Yes you can. We want to reach out to as many listeners as possible and every bit helps out. Contact us if you want the official information, stream link, ect. if you are having difficulty locating it.

Unfortunatly the ads on our station is out of our control at the moment. If the advertisement was offensive (ie hate oriented) or was seriously misinformed contact our stream host and let them know. The stream host is trhrough Zeno.FM.

  • https://stream.zeno.fm/6cyjqwlkz4ptv?nocache=1
  • https://cinz.net
  • CINZ
  • Livestream